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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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Yup - that's why I asked. Since it doesn't cost anything to get it, I'll probably try it anyway. I just had lunch with a friend who has developed some stuff on AWS, and he's pretty sure Let's Encrypt will be a CA that Amazon trusts.
Check page 46 (post 451-on) as there is some discussion of setting up SSL using StartSSL, which at least a couple have setup, used, and verified to be working with the Amazon Echo service. Free as well.
I have most everything working (I found that the local Best Buy had the Dots in stock, so I cancelled the Amazon order and bought them at BB :-)). I got all the AWS stuff done, and I have the config file created. I got it loaded successfully, and I issued a query command. I got a response that "CQC has done that". I looked in the logs and everything looks correct. The only issue is that the global action isn't running.

I'm going to keep reading this thread, but can anyone suggest where I might look or how to troubleshoot this? I'm sooooooo close!
What is the action doing? If it was supposed to return some text, you have to put into the appropriate global variable. If not, you'll get that generic reply.
Initially, I just had it doing a text return. Then I added a device write. Here is what my action does:



I don't get a response back, and the lights don't get shut off.
What does your config file look like?
This is the config file:




        Today, Weather Forecast, Today's Weather, Today's Forecast
        Tomorrow, Tomorrow's Weather, Tomorrow's Forecast
        Test, testing

Also, here is a typical log entry:

12/15 16:14:23-CQC-MASTER, CQCWebSrv, CQCWebSrvWorkerThread1
    CQCWebSrvC, CQCWebSrvC_EchoHandler.cpp.809, Status/App Status
    Key=*****, Intent=CQCQueryIntent, Phrase=today, Value=
And you don't see any subsequent error about the action running or not? Change the action to be just a System::LogMsg command.
After nearly tearing my hair out, I figured out what was going on, and it had nothing to do with Echo. I don't know if this is intended, but in the v5 Admin UI, when you click Save after editing an action, it isn't really saved yet. You also have to type Ctrl-S, or use the File menu. That's not very intuitive.
Which save are you clicking?