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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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I agree, it has to be back in the Amazon Skill area. I've been over that area over and over again, and I don't see anything wrong. I've repasted the code in, checked and rechecked the variable entries at the beginning of the code, all to no avail.
Did you use the test page on the Skills site to see what you get?
Utterance: Alexa tell computer to turn track lights off

Lambda Request:
  "session": {
    "sessionId": "SessionId.7d17be7c-31ed-4b77-a20f-4ce49c1d1010",
    "application": {
      "applicationId": ""
    "attributes": null,
    "user": {
      "userId": "amzn1.account.xxxxx",
      "accessToken": null
    "new": true
  "request": {
    "type": "IntentRequest",
    "requestId": "EdwRequestId.dc48b1e9-34e2-4113-a392-39df1be10ae2",
    "timestamp": 1446399604465,
    "intent": {
      "name": "CQCSetOffIntent",
      "slots": {
        "Target": {
          "name": "Target",
          "value": "track lights"
    "reason": null

Lambda Response: The response is invalid
I don't see anything particularly wrong there. If the Lambda code is saying the response is wrong, then most likely it would seem like it's due to the response from CQC. It looks like the outgoing command is correct.

That would most likely mean it's not going where you think it is, and it's hitting some other web server and getting back some HTML response which is invalid.
I must be spacing something obvious.

Here's my public IP cut and pasted from Google:

Here's my code:
var CQC_TarAddr = "";
var CQC_TarPort = "8080";
var CQC_HTTPType = "http";
var CQC_IdKey = "Viola";
It is a bad idea to post that info publicly on the forum. I recommend you reboot your router to (hopefully) get a new public IP, change the port and key on your setup.
Public IP changed.
You sure the port forward is still setup correctly?
Deane Johnson Wrote:Public IP changed.

Yeh, I had already modified your post of the response above as well, which contained a little potentially sensitive info.
Dean Roddey Wrote:You sure the port forward is still setup correctly?
I presume so. It's still showing the correct port. Since the problem is believed to have started in the router, that was one of the first things I checked, and have checked it several times since.

Is there any place in CQC is need to confirm the right port?