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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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I need something cleared up.

Is only one Skill needed to run CQC? Then, all of the Global Actions are programmed in CQC in the usual manner, and the interface with Echo is controlled by the entries in the Configuration file?

Am I correct that it is not necessary to create a Skill in Echo for each Global Action? That would be the one probably titled CQCRun and described as My CQC Echo handler?

I created Skills for each of my Global Actions, but now I'm thinking that was unnecessary and they could be deleted?
Only one skill needed, although I am thinking about adding a couple more just to have multiple control words.
wuench Wrote:Only one skill needed, although I am thinking about adding a couple more just to have multiple control words.

This really helps to create more natural phrasing for various tasks.
This opens up some possibilities. Certainly simplifies things. Thanks wuench.
I made a video to help people get a very clear understanding of how it all works. You might find it useful. I linked it in this thread about a week ago.
I still have trouble with some phrasing. I tried to setup a query for If {query} but when I try "Alexa, ask CQC If Guest Mode is on" the input comes in from Amazon as "mode is on". It consistently drops the first word, some sort of Amazon bug. If I insert a "the", giving it another word to drop it works.
How you are you building the reply text?
I'm having the most trouble with Alexa understanding the words. Part of the problem is that at my age, I don't form the words as well as younger people would. I'm trying to figure out how to word things that are easier for Alexa to understand. The extra verbiage of getting it through a 3rd party piece of software adds a bit to the issue.

It seems the CQC part works good, it's getting along with Alexa that holds the greatest challenge.
Dean Roddey Wrote:How you are you building the reply text?

CQCQueryIntent if {today is tuesday|Query}
I meant, how are you building up the actual reply text to be sent back? I'm assuming that that reply is one you are providing in your handler?