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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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Deane Johnson Wrote:I have gone through and set it up as recommended and I think there is significant progress. The track light turns on as ordered and Alexa confirms it's been done. However, when ordering it to turn off, it doesn't turn off even though both Alexa and the log show it happening.

Something must be off a notch in the "Commands for this Event"

If System::Equals
P3=No Case

Looks like you have an extra opening paren. It should be:


So you were really comparing the value to "(Off", not "Off", and therefore the comparison always fails.
And, we have a baby.:-D

Now it works perfect in both directions. Awesome.

I plan to get rid of the name Bubba, but used it for the setup period so I would know on error messages whether they were in Echo or on the CQC end. That's worked very well to keep them separated.

ADDENDUM: Just got "Home Theater On" fully operational with Echo. Mostly redundancy. Light levels set to pre-movie level, blackout shades down, all equipment turned on.
Well, it was all happy last night. This morning, no joy.

It appears to be on the Echo end. I get the verbal error message from Alexa that there is a problem with the Skills response.

The written error message is:

The SpeechletResponse must not be null

I messed around last night with changing the Invocation Name, but changed it back to the original.

The skill setup seems rather simple so long as the right codes are pasted in, which I didn't mess with.

Other than that, I can't find anything out of place. Any ideas.
Do you have a static IP address? If not, it could have changed, so check that. Ultimately, if you are going to do this, you need to buy a dynamic DNS account, so that you can point the Javascript at that DNS name, and your router (or a program the DDNS company provides you) will keep it pointed to your current address.
Those were the first things I checked. My public IP address and the server IP address are unchanged.

It appears that the Skill is non-functioning. Last night I changed the Invocation word several times, but that was all. I wonder if that glitched the Skill somehow in the process.

I believe it was working correct when I left it.

Perhaps the only thing to do is delete the Skill and reconstruct it.
If you use the Test page on the Skill, what do you see coming back?
"errorMessage": "Exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'application' of undefined"

This is the same Error Message I have always gotten on all of the skills, even when they were working.
That's a javascript error, which means something isn't quite right in the Javascript. I don't think it would be possible for them to work if you were getting that error since it would mean that the Javascript failed to run successfully. Unless maybe it happened right at the very end after the reply was sent. But, either way, something isn't quite right with the Javascript and you probably should take another whack at copying it onto the Lambda stuff.
Replacing the JavaScript file didn't change anything.

I'm wondering if I should delete the Skill and start over. It would be nice though to know what went wrong for future reference.
It's clearly a Javascript error, so it's not likely that changing the skill content will make much difference. You can of course try copying the intent schema and utterances back in and saving it again, just to be sure.