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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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I haven't had any issues. The outage is only Amazon East.
It was AWS East.

This sort of reminds us what we already knew about Cloud based systems. I still love Echo, but one has to be prepared for any vital activities tied to Echo to not always be available.

I would assume each episode provides new learning experiences that should result in greater future reliability.
I'm just catching up with this thread and I don't see anything about my Q.

I noticed in the setup instructions you can change the word "Control" to something else but is there a way to eliminate it? I find it very annoying. It looks like somehow wuench got around it with his driver but it seems to work very differently.


Edit: Nevermind, if someone else is wondering, the answer is here, post # 149
Yeh, it's unfortunate, but nothing to be done about it. We might at some point be able to tackle something like the Microsoft thingie, I'm blanking on the name. It's a purely local type thing, so no such limitation, and no requirement to go off network either.

But it's a lot more work to support. Folks were interested in the Echo, and the amount of work wasn't crazy, so we did that first.

The other driver acts like a Hue system, and the Echo has built in support for the Hue. But of course you can only do things that a Hue would do (sounds like a Dr Seus story, Horton hears an Echo.) And of course the big thing is that it can't talk back to you to give you answers to questions, since that's not a thing that Hue can do.

Ultimately, if a device isn't single purpose for a specific application, it would be very difficult to avoid some sort of scheme like that. As soon as you have two devices that are capable of doing the same thing, you need some way to disambiguate a request from the user. Even Amazon's attempt to avoid the problem for specific activities creates annoying problems, where it will just override requests clearly directed to a specific skill sometimes, because it has some keyword that Amazon has hard coded, and try to pass it to some predefined target.
You have to remember these personal assistants are not the same as plain old VR. There is some natural language AI on top so it is not going to be completely deterministic.
Here's a short video of what a guy has done using Echo to control Premise. The one thing I question is the time it takes to execute the command. That's a bit of a turn off.
That's definitely got to be a Premise thing, or Premise to Z-Wave, since it's not nearly that long using CQC.
Dean Roddey Wrote:We might at some point be able to tackle something like the Microsoft thingie, I'm blanking on the name.

Would that be the Kinect?
Yeh, that's it.
It appears that Amazon has just added native Insteon support to Echo (if I understand the releases correctly).

My untrained technical brain immediately wonders if there is a way this could be used to activate a CQC response, say some sort of action list without the more lengthy "tell control to xxx" procedure.

What I envision would be something like "Alexa, turn on the home theater" and an action list is directly executed.

Here's a list of Insteon devices Echo now supports:

I wonder of ZWave might be next.