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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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OK, 4.7.13 should fix that problem finally.
Anybody give this a try yet to see if it indeed deals with the issue?
Got my Echo today.. So far so good. Up and running no cert. Seems to be working (loading configuration properly). Just have to work on my utterances and EchoCfg.txt
Seen this yet?

Seems Amazon partnered with Smarthings so no app name needed to control smarthings devices
Yes, it makes the use of the trigger word "control" less reliable. Sometimes Echo thinks I am trying to control Smarthings devices and try's to troubleshoot my request. I'm thinking of changing it to "home".

I have edited the Java Script a little to make the errors shorter. Is there a way to change the response after echo has completed a CQC task? I want to shorten it to just "ok".
The text that it speaks after a successful operation is whatever your handler returns.
Before I go updating I want to make sure that the Intent Schema and such on the first page of this thread are the most current. I have not update since the initial support was introduced.
The stuff on the first page is always for the most current drop.
FYI, Alexa is off-line this Sunday morning (9/20). No need to look at your local network for the problem.
shit, AWS is offline this morning. should be a fun day for Amazon engineers.