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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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Click the check box above the left hand column of check boxes, to select all of the entries. Then there's a delete button to delete all of the checked ones.
Not much luck with the changes. I cleared the logs, then decided to use a different login e-mail, set up Echo with that, then went through the entire process and get the same message. Probably best for me to wait until this gets used by others to get it working properly.
I'm pretty sure we know it's working. Others are already using the latest stuff successfully. Did you ever bring up the app/web page and see what text is showing up when you speak? You really need to do that, because it might surprise you, and it's definitely a good debugging tool. There's also a training thingy in there as well.

Oh, wait, remember the thing about east vs. west servers? Are you sure you are connecting to the east coast one? Only one of them works.
Nevermind on the east/west thing. That was stupid. Nothing would work if that were the problem.
On the off chance that somehow it got munged or something, I re-uploaded CQCRun.Zip on the first page. I got it straight from my AWS account where it's working for me. So try it again with this new zip file.
The files look identical, but I will have to test it when I get home tonight. I have been opening the .zip file, and then cutting and pasting them from notepad in the inline text.

When I say "Alexa Tell Control" It will read your introduction - what it shows in the echo app is shown below:



SessionSpeechlet -Welcome to the CQC Echo interface. I can asK your CQC system to do various things tor you. You will need to set up your CQC system to respond to these requests, so make sure that has been done.

- If it can read the Welcome, I assume that means it is getting to the javascript.

Whenever I say "Alexa, Tell Control to run Echo Configuration", I get nothing on the echo app nor in the CQC logs. It's like I didn't even say it, and then I get the response from the echo that says "Sorry I am having trouble accessing your CQC skill right now", where CQC is the name of the skill that I created. And this happened with a totally new user ID on Lambda and Developer Consoles from a different e-mail, reconfigured Echo to use that e-mail, and identical problems.

- I am assuming it is because it is not receiving anything in the JavaScript, and failing on the Null Value.

You mentioned to clear the logs earlier - is that on Lambda? Or would there be somewhere within CQC that would need to be cleared. What I cleared, was Lambda logs, used CC Cleaner on my PC, and the Logs that CQC Generates. Is there any way some remnants from what I had before is hanging around?

I also noticed there is a way to totally reset the Echo with a paper clip. Maybe we keep thinking its a software issue, and it is an issue with the Echo itself.

I know as a former IT guy, that it's possible I did the setup wrong, but I am positive I did it right (and now many times) to know its set up right. I used the saying RTFM many a time in my past.
Try "Alexa, Tell Control to run load Echo Configuration",
Yeh, there are two variations now:

Tell Control to run Load Echo Configuration
Tell Control to Load Echo Configuration
Same result, going to do a hard reset and see what happens.
That command is one that I most often see it misinterpret what I'm saying, when I watch the resulting text translation in the app/web page.