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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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For anything like dishwasher, it's probably best to do:

DishWashwer, Dish Washer

in case it translates it as one or two words when you say it.
Dean Roddey Wrote:For anything like dishwasher, it's probably best to do:

DishWashwer, Dish Washer

in case it translates it as one or two words when you say it.

And if from NY/Boston area ...warsher
Bugman Wrote:And if from NY/Boston area ...warsher

I thought that was reserved for us folks in Southwest least my in-laws :-D
Yeah no doubt, everyone knows washer is pronounced the same as quarter...
Or, if you grew up on an Iowa farm 70 years ago, it was simply referred to as the "Maytag" since that's the brand everyone had.
Well I have no idea why it can't access my Query, as it can access Run and Set. I have reentered all the intents, utterances and javascript, even retyped in my info in echocfg.txt for the entire QueryMap. The Run and Set work fine. Not a big deal, as I can ask a question through a set command, but quite odd it works for everyone else and not for me.

I may try reinstalling 4.7.8 as I started out with the V 4.7.5 javascript file, and maybe something is lingering around from that version.
Is anyone using the queries in 4.7.8? Oh, and are you issuing the config file reload command after making any changes to the config file? If not, that can really confuse things if you think you are working with one setup but really it's a previous one.
Well I am going backwards I guess -

I am now getting the response "Sorry I am having trouble accessing your CQC skill right now" when trying to load the echo configuration. This was after I reverted back to 4.7.5 (which worked for me on Queries) and then went to 4.7.8.

Not sure where to go now. Any way could you repost or message me the javascript, utterances, and and intent schema for that version and let me try to get back to where I was with 4.7.5?
If you are getting that message, I don't think you are getting beyond the Amazon server, and probably not even to the CQC specific JavaScript. I get that sometimes as well, and it is always because it's not translating the text to anything that maps to a valid utterance.

Bring up the app (or and watch what it's showing you. It will show you the text it's translating the audio into, so you can see whether it's getting the text you are saying. Often it's not. If you don't even see a translation show up when you speak, then it's not even able to understand it well enough to do anything at all. It happens to me pretty often in my really small, echo'y space I'm in here. You may want to play with the position of the echo, making sure it's not somewhere that it can get a lot of reflections of sound back to it.
I get the Welcome To CQC message if I just say, "Alexa, ask Control", so it is getting to the first part of the Javascript.