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Full Version: Squeezebox Duet Receiver Wanted
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Anyone have one of the Squeezebox Duet receivers laying around they would be interested in selling? Mine will not power up, and its not the power supply. Will need to get a star drive to look inside, but a replacement would be nice. Let me know if anyone wants to unload one. The controller I have still works fine.
You can use a raspberry Pi as a squeezebox.

See Squeezeplug

I use one at the moment with the SB server and driver with no real issues.

The current version did present a small problem with something so I went back to the previous version.

Works better with an add-on DAC, but for background music I just use the built in sound card.

Squeezeplug also supports the Odroid units as well.

99% sure I have one in my basement. Will check in a bit.
FYI found mine, let me know if you still want it. If not, i'll see if anyone else does.
Ends up that even though my multimeter said the power supply was putting out the proper volts, it was the problem. Replaced it with one of 8 power supplies that had been orphaned from its original device, and it worked fine.

Still interested in a back up - PM me and let me know what you want for it, or the whole thing. (Receiver and control)