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Full Version: Renderer field in Media Info (Auto-Gen)
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In the Media information of the auto-gen feature, I added my Movie Repo (CQSL Movie Repo V2). Since my dvd collection sits in a Sony dvd changer, my audio contrlos are done with my a/v processor (fortunetly my processor has a V2 driver). So I don't need any renderer to control audio of my movies. But when I added my Movie Repo to the auto-gen, I was asked which renderer I used. Is there a way to avoid it since I don't need it?
There's no way to avoid it. Really changer support is only vestigial at this point, and it's not something that would be supported in the auto-gen system, because there won't be any V2 compliant changer drivers.

If you just want to make the auto-gen system happy, you could always load an instance of the V2 renderer simulator driver and give it that. It will think it's doing something but won't really be. Whoever, it will generate output for that renderer driver and you'd have to modify that stuff to work with your setup.
I did something similar along the way... totally forget what I was fudging.