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Full Version: 8 port relay board with RS232 or Ethernet - Cheap
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After buying this temp data logger as mentioned here and a driver being written for it I had a look at the rest of the stuff that this company had and there are some cheap items there that would interest many here.

Of particular interest is the 4 & 8 channel relay board with RS232.
4 Port Board

And this [URL=""]Ethernet based 8 ch relay board
Not to dampen any development on the Irrigation Caddy work, but this board would be a cheap solution for an irrigation controller where CQC does the smarts via the irrigation driver and this board just turns zones on and off.

See more of the devices available here -

Keep in mind we already support the Carl's Electronics 8 relay box, and the 8 and 16 way PCI-IIRO internal boards. The IIRO boards are more expensive, but probably a lot better built as well. Being internal they are super fast and light weight to support.
That is what makes CQC one of the best systems available - just about anything will work and you are not restricted to a set of hardware that is CQC approved.

More the better.