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Full Version: Leviton VRUSB owners: Does it work?
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The "hang on start" with window 8.0 is what it did for me also.

It's sort of unbelievable that Leviton doesn't get the software updated for 8.0.
going to throw my hat into this -

mine worked about a half dozen times on my Win7 VM. the other day it simply stopped recognizing. nothing i have done can force it to work.

it's this sort of shit that makes me want to rip out these new zwave switches and just go with Insteon.
What stopped recognizing what?
the usb stick itself.

i found out how to force it to go thanks to a thread somewhere on the interwebs - on the VM the external device has to be set as a 'permanent assignment'.

now im on to a HUGE issue in that the Leviton software is not correctly recognizing the Cooper keypads, so in the software they show 0 buttons. :-x

also, none of the aeotec devices can have names, they are all there, but they are simply 'unnamed devices.' which is a lot of fun.

all in all, i just put in 11 zwave devices - 1 keypad was DOA, 1 aeotec was DOA, the USB stick took hours to figure out, and now i cant program my keypads because they are incorrectly recognized.

not a good impression.

see here: - the 0's are how many buttons.
just spent the past hour trying to figure this out. the *only*single*thing* i could find regarding associations is that the Leviton Installer Tool is only compatible with Leviton Scene Controllers.

not 100% sure what that means, but ive excluded/included my keypads, tried various button presses, everything i could think of, yet they still report 0 buttons.

can anyone help me with this? my frustration levels are going through the roof.
You might want to just delete the configuration file and let it start from scratch, reset the USB stick, and add stuff back in.
thats probably my next step - but if thats the case, the reliability is pretty spotty.

im hoping that someone else here is using scene controllers with the USB stick that might be able to point me in a direction.

note - the keypads that i bought are RFWC5, but the Installer Tool is ID'ing them as RFWDC. i wonder if thats the issue, but both model numbers are in the manual.
redid the network - same results with the keypads.

everything is working except those damned things. aaaagggghhhh!!! :-x
tonight was my second fully lost evening fighting with this thing.

and now ive managed to magically lose the VRC0P from the network - the icon is light green and when you hover on it you get a pop up 'device needs to be re-included in your network'. except that never works.

and for this i say: fuck you, leviton. what a bunch of shit.

I guess that this is sort of the thing about the consumer level stuff. Some people have no problems, and some have lots, and you don't know till you try which it will be. Where is the VRCOP physically relative to the machine with the USB stick?
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