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Full Version: Roku as media player with CQC media control
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My media server cratered the other day. I used CQSL media repository and Zoomplayer as the media player. I have a Roku 3 and was wondering if any one has one of the CQC supported media repositories and a Roku as a media player working in a CQC system. Thanks.
I don't think the Roku plays local media, right? I thought it was just for streaming content over the net?
No, check out Roksbox and MediaBrowser. I think they work with the Roku to play local media. I know Roksbox does but it uses a repository called PVR, Personal Video Repository, something like that.
I have been pushing for a Plex driver, which seems to have gathered some steam. If we can get one, that would work as you expect.
I wonder if that capability was added in V3, or at least exposed in V3? I don't think, when I did the original driver that it supported kicking off playback of local data, but I may be misremembering.
Well, some quick research shows that there is an official channel to playback local media via USB:

It is limited to the codec's that Roku supports, but at least it's available.

But I don't think that is what he is looking for. I am pretty in tune with the offerings on Roku, and as far as I know there is no way to play video from a NAS without a client/server like Plex or MediaBrowser.
Meaning it's push to the Roku, not pull from the Roku?
Not sure what you mean?

I think what he was looking for was a way to have a Roku channel accept a file path to play the video. I always thought that would be easy, so you could start that channel with the Roku driver, then use any repo that you have to send the file path. But that doesn't exist, so you need something like Plex or Media Browser, both of which require their corresponding 'server' but.

The USB channel is just a way to plug a USB drive direct to the Roku and play the files on it, so I can't see the value to CQC.

TL;DR - push to Roku.

Dean Roddey Wrote:Meaning it's push to the Roku, not pull from the Roku?
Media is either played by a player that 'pulls' the data, i.e. reads it in and plays it, or gets it by it being 'pushed' from a server, i.e. the player is a passive receiver of data and the server sends what it wants played.

It can go either way when there's a server involved, but usually if a player can pull data, then it can easily enough pull it from a file as from a server. If it can't pull it from a file, then I was just wondering if that's because it has no pull capability on that front and just acts as a passive receiver of media streams pushed from the server.

Or, it could just be I guess that they didn't want to bother dealing with the OS components required to support network file access. So they can pull, but only from a server that offers it up via some mutually supported media stream negotiation and media streaming protocol.
I understand now. I am not sure what the Roku specifically allows or disallows. However, while their official channel does support playing video 'over the network,' it requires a supported media server (Plex, Twonky, Windows Media, PlayOn, etc).

So my guess, then, would be that Roku channels just "act as a passive receiver of media streams pushed from the server."

Which, I suppose, is supported by how Plex works. If you load the Plex channel, you can initiate what plays on the Roku Plex channel simply by sending commands to the server API. So the Plex server 'pushes' the content to the Roku.
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