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Full Version: How to get Ipad to refresh?
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Two Issues:

When I make changes in Template Designer, and save them, I then want the iPad to update. What I am doing now is disconnecting and reconnecting to make it update. There must be an easier way.

2nd - I need to have my screen go black after using it in the home theater. I created a template page with a black background. A button labeled "Sleep" takes me to that template page and blackens my iPad. A small button on the black page labeled "Wake" returns me to the main page for adjustments. Physically, it does exactly what I need to keep the dark during a movie.

Now, I am wondering if there is a way to use a timer to flip to another template, in my case the black screen. I would want to set it for something like 10 seconds of no screen activity and it would execute the command.

Overall, my orientation to CQC is going better than I had hoped for.
On the refresh, the server caches the templates for speed. There is an option to temporarily disable caching, but I don't think the iOS client implements it. Generally the best deal is to do the testing on the regular IV, which does provide the cache disabling option (under Tools I think.) Then try it on the iOS client. The cache period is 1 minute, so by the time you've done some changes and tested them out on the regular IV and go back to reload it on the iOS client, it should at that point get the latest one since the template hasn't been accessed for over a minute by then.

On the blanker you should talk with Brian about it. The IV already supports auto-blanking, and that command is sent to the RIVA clients when the blanking interval kicks in, so he just needs to implement that command to blank the screen using the native iOS blanker which will also probably turn the display off which would be better. And I don't think it would be much work at all.