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Full Version: Trying CQC, need help with buttons
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Well, relay devices tend to be among the simplest. If you find one you think suits the need and it's controllable, let me know and I can take a look at it.

Are any of your relay needs near the GC-100s? They have 3 per and those are available via the GC-100 driver.
BTW, don't forget to disable the serial port server again, and probably go ahead and get rid of the port forward as well.
And what makes you so sure you won't need the port forward again?:-)
We may. And as long as the port server is disabled, it should be safe to leave it in place.
I did install the driver for the GC-100 and it showed being connected. I have to watch the video and do some study before messing with it further. My goal is to simply have a test button on the interface screen that will open and close my DVD player drawer. Once I can accomplish that, it's all redundancy moving forward.

I really am appreciative of the time you spent helping me today.
Glad to see you made some progress today!
Tomorrow will be a new day pleading for help as I attempt the GC-100.:-)

Actually, I'm busy with appointments in the morning, so it will be later before I get started.
Deane Johnson Wrote:The relays will be the toughest because Carl doesn't always have some built up
that's not true... you could always just make your own...
Deane Johnson Wrote:I hate the thought of building these kits. I need 12 relays, so it takes 2 of them.
well, maybe a DiY option isn't the best choice for you then :-)
have you considered using a PLC?
PLC's have a certain amount of 'smarts' built into to them, so they can run semi autonomously giving you the most robust solution possible, ie even if your master control server/PC crashes and burns as PC's (or in my case Hard drives/SSD's) occasionally tend to do, whatever you have hooked up to the PLC will still have at least basic functionality...
the Koyo Click PLC is a pretty good value... starting at $70

and CQC already has a driver for it...

or another option is Weedtech (I just like their name...)... they have a couple different output modules
no current drivers for any of their stuff, but not to hard to make your own... I have their I/O module, works well...
although, it still hard to beat the over all value of the Koyo...

of course, at this point I would personally still just do something 100% DiY, just for fun... all it would take is a PIC (or arduino if you are into that sort of thing) and a bunch of relays...
Aren't those Rain8 guys effectively just 8 relays? I guess you will be paying for some irrigation type functionality you don't need though.

Those are interesting boxes you linked to, but I get lost to fast to deal with anything that requires modification. I like the serious look of them, but fear I'd get in trouble too fast.


I believe the Relay8 version of the Rain8 has been discontinued. Luckily, I found a page that indicates the Carl's is now available in a built up version.

The shades are two wire low voltage, nothing but the shade motor and a power supply. The shades have built in stops at the top and bottom. Reversing the DC power lead changes the direction.

Basically, it takes a DPDT relay for each shade. Since almost all of the available boards have SPST relays only, I use two relays per shade and effectively turn two relays into a single DPDT. Works fine, but requires a total of 12 relays instead of six, hence the need for two Carl's kits.

The fact that CQC has a v2 driver for these makes them attractive. When you use two kits, I assume each is connected to a separate serial port and two CQC drivers are used, each assigned to a different COM port.
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