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Full Version: Open another application
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Couldnt find this anywhere. Is there a way to add a link to the user interface to open another application on the iphone?

For example, I'd like to add a link for "blueiris://" on my camera page to open the full app.
I think that apps can register themselves as the go-to place for a given custom URL. So if the Blue Iris app so registers itself, you should be able to craft a URL to open it. Do you know if that's the case?

Yes, you can call "blueiris://" to open it. I'm having a CQC UI problem getting that to work though. I cant seem to create something on the UI that I can click to open "blueiris://" successfully.

Probably something obvious that Im not seeing!
There is a RIVACmd action command that lets you send commands to the RIVA client for this type of thing. Each RIVA client can define commands you can send.
ive tried it on more than one occasion with no success. my command is below. my iOS devices are fully updated to 8.1

i can see the spinning circle in the top left of the CQC iOS app, but nothing happens.


these are the ones i currently know of and have tried:

sonos:// obv opens sonos

remote:// opens the apple remote

dropcam:// opens dropcam

nest:// opens the nest app

roku:// opens the roku app
The RIVACmd takes a command name, and then some values. I'm pretty sure that you'd have to have a first parameter that indicates you want to open a URL, and then the next value being the URL. Just doing it like that would have it trying to interpret the URL as the command name. What the command name is would be defined by the iOS RIVA client.
You are using CQC Client (as opposed to CQC Remote, the other app), correct? I guess it's true that the RIVA commands are currently designed to open a window within the app, rather than switch to another. The documentation on the RIVA command syntax is toward the bottom of this page:

I would be interested to see what happens when you send an OpenOverlayURL RIVA command with one of those special URLs. It might not work at all, or it might do what you want, or it might do something crazy (not that it would cause any problems on your server -- just maybe cause the app to crash or something). Give it a shot and let me know what happens. I can look into adding a command that attempts to switch away from the app completely to a different URL (e.g. one that opens your desired app). I can't remember how everything works, but that sounds doable.
The OpenOverlayURL worked - thanks for the tips