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Full Version: Problem installing latest beta
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I am probably missing something simple, but it has been a couple of years since I have upgraded.

I am trying to upgrade my 4.0.8 to the latest beta 4.4.927, and am receiving an error "You must change to the installer directory before you run CQCSetup". I have tried rebooting, shutting down AV, redownloading the installer, and different installation directories, but nothing has worked so far.

I am running a Win7 32bit system on VM Ware 5.5U1. The system is brand new, and the only other software I have installed on it is SqueezeServer, Edgeport config tool, and CrashPlan tray app.

Any suggestions?
You aren't trying to run CQCInst.exe directly are you? You have to run CQCSetup.cmd and you have to be in that directory before you run it. So you can't just click on it from a directory listing or something like that.

Another reason could be that your unzipper didn't unzip hidden files or wasn't set up to create directories and just dumped everything in the same directory, so some stuff is not getting to the installer image directory.
Did you get it figured out?
Yep, that was the issue; thanks for the tip. I forgot that hidden folders are off by default on a new install of Windows. Smile
Just finished upgrading from 4.0.8 to 4.4.929. I had an issue with an old Squeeze drive, but once I updated the driver, everything works!

Now to start working on the new templates. :-)

I am upgrading to the latest beta 4.4.934 and upgraded my MS, which is WinXp, and my XP embedded thin client easily. Then I upgraded my Win 7 laptop and had to unzip the install folder locally (instead of via mapped network drive) and use an administrator cmd prompt to run the install and this finally worked. Then I tried on a Vista desktop (which I have never been able to successfully install CQC). I tried the same steps and it fails the Test connecting to the MS.

I didn't see anything very different when doing IPconfig \all on both (not sure what I should be looking for). But when I do ping homecontroller on the working win7 laptop I get Pinging homecontroller and the IPv4 address and it pings with the internal address. When I type ping homecontroller on the vista desktop I get Pinging and an external IPv4 address which does not respond.

Typing ping with the actual internal address gets a response. Any suggestions on what is wrong with the Vista desktop setup and what I can change to get it to connect to the MS?

Yeh, as of Win7 you can't just double click on the installer. More security over time is tightening that kind of stuff up.

If it fails, it will point you to a log file that you can post, which will probably give us some useful clues. Though I guess it doesn't necessarily consider your cancelling due to not passing the MS test a failure, so if not look wherever the temp directory is pointing and search for anything with CQC in it.

In the command prompt type:

set temp


set tmp

and see what path it points to. Go there and look for the CQC installer log file.
I attached the CQCInstall.Txt file. It has a lot of complaints about failure to connect to (that is the external address that the failing ping tries to use for the MS). I am not sure why this vista machine is using the external address the IP assigns and not the internal address like the win7 and winXP pcs do.
It would have to mean that the primary address being returned when the MS name is being resolved is coming out to that address. Is that your actual external address or something?

You can always try opening a command prompt on the Vista machine and doing:

ipconfig /flushdns

then restart the machine and try it again, in case some rogue lookup got into there.
I tried flushing and rebooting the Vista desktop. I still can't get past the adding of the ISP's DNS suffix to the unqualified MS name, which is homecontroller. When I type ping homecontroller it makes it My old D-Link router is the DHCP and DNS server. It does not have a way I can see to add a .local suffix (That was suggested in an older post).

I have no problems with the XP machines that have a hosts file or the Win 7 laptop.

I also tried the install and just giving the MS's static IP address with no luck. The install log for this attempt is attached, but it takes the static local address and still tries to use that external address.

I don't know if there is a way to setup a hosts file for Vista and it that would help.
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