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Full Version: HAI zone arming status and thermostats
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On the HAI Omni TCP driver version 1.3 the ZoneName_Arming field shows disarmed even when the area is armed. If I bypass and restore the zone it will then show as armed. If I then disarm the area the zone will continue to show armed until I bypass and restore the zone. The OmniPro II is running firmware version 3.13. How would I go about debugging this to see if the issue is on the controller or CQC side?

Additionally is it possible to get a copy of the code for the HAI driver in order to add additional features? I would like to add support for the thermostat humidity, humidify setpoint, dehumidify setpoint, and status. Looking at the OmniLink II protocol these are sent in the same packet along with the current fields already implemented like temp, mode, fan, and hold. It seems like this should be fairly easy to add.
I'll take a look at it. Most likely it's in the driver, though no one has complained bout it so far. Most folks just may not be making much use of that field.

The HAI driver, due to the encryption requirements, is a C++ driver so you couldn't make changes to it. Even if you had the code it wouldn't help you, since you'd need all of the massive amount of code that underlies it. Most drivers are CML based and so you'd already have the code, but this one is an exception.

I put those other things on the list of stuff to add to the thermo support next time it's updated. Were those values recently added or something? They might not have been there when the thermo stuff was added initially, I dunno.
Thanks for looking into it. The OmniLink II protocol description from 2009 shows the fields on page 23.
I also noticed when arming the Area_Status changes immediately to Away and doesn't show ArmingAway as the enum suggests during the countdown.