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Full Version: Is there a driver out there for the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat?
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Is there a driver out there for the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat? I did a forum search and didnt find anything.
I don't remember one for that floating around anywhere. Is there a published API for anywhere?
Looks like it's still in beta.
Any update on this? I'm looking to replace my thermostats and the Honeywell Smart ones look pretty good.
Not that I know of. Do they provide an exposed control interface? Oh, you provided a link to it above, though it may have changed since then. But, looking at it it doesn't appear to have. It's the same beta testing statement from before, and nothing to indicate they are encouraging anyone else to sign up.
You can sign up here to learn more.

I haven't made many changes to my system in a while, so I'm a bit behind on keeping up. If honeywell won't integrate easily, how is the integration with the other options like Nest (I started to read some of the threads on that) or Ecobee 3?
I sent them a submission. We'll see if they respond. But, in the meantime, getting some feedback on some other already supported thermos from current users would be a good idea.
Did you ever hear back from them regarding the API?
No, as usual, I seem to be good at getting ignored.
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