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Full Version: VRCOP User Action Configuration
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I am trying to configure a triggered event based on the User Actions that are sent out by the vrcop. I have the action configured like below.

Event Filter: Is this user Action
Type: FrontDoorController
Data: 2

Am I correct that this should trigger the event when the second button on? I am just trying to narrow down whether I have a network issue or cqc issue.
You can always verify by opening the CQC Command Prompt and running CQCEventDump. That will dump out the raw info for any event triggers that are being sent out. If one is being sent by the driver, you should see it show up when you press one of those buttons.

If you don't see it there, the most likely scenario is that the thing you are pressing the button on isn't associated with the VCROP. If you need help figuring that out, let me know.
No action showing up in the CQCEventDump.

I thought I had the associations configured but I guess not.
I thought I knew how to configure these through the software but I guess not. What do I need to do to set the association.
Is the scene controller showing up as an available module in the driver? If so, then use the Add Assoc button on the client side driver to associate it with the VRCOP controller. You will need to know which group number to use, which should be documented in the docs for the scene controller, but group 1 is typically a reasonable one to try. Select the VCROP as the target, and the scene controller as the source.

If you are using the Leviton software you can do there as well I'm pretty sure thought it's been a while since I've played with that.
I tried group 1 but nothing changed in the CQCEventDump. I guess I will pause the driver and connect to the serial port and see if its coming across there.
If you see any messages, post them here so that I can see what they are sending.
Did you figure it out?
I have not had a chance to look at it.
Here is the log from a putty session connected to the vrcop.

What I did was press each of the four buttons on the controller twice. each button obviously activates different lights (one may not do anything). Hope this helps.
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