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Full Version: Reinstall Tray Monitor for Itunes Support
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Hey all -

I've got a full install of 4.4.0_Update7 and I'm now getting around to adding media repositories. Looking at the choices it seems like my best option is probably via the Itunes repository.

When I did the install the CQC Master computer didn't have Itunes installed and the tray monitor was installed but without Itunes support.

How do I go back and change that? Do I need to do an uninstall? Can I do a fully custom install again and just change the option for the tray monitor?

Also, will this mess up my current interface templates and/or cause me to relicense the system again?

Thanks in advance,
Just do the Fully Custom mode. Step through to the tray monitor options and set those. It will just update you and add the Tray Monitor. It won't mess anything up.