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Full Version: Oppo Driver Not Connecting to BDP-93
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It's been a while but I seem to recall that the first thing the driver does is a firmware version check and then set the feedback level based on the response. Is it possible that Oppo left out some of this since the firmware version lacking feedback was a couple models ago in the early BDP-83's? If so the driver could be stumbling on the lack of a meaningful response.
Did you ever make any progress on this guy?
Yes. The 0.3 version of the Oppo BDP-83 driver, see post 109735, works with the protocol in the latest firmware for the BDP-93. It seems the 0.1 version is included in the 4.4.0 install. Should the 0.3 version be included in the release now?
I guess so. I'll see about getting it into the next beta drop.
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