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Full Version: Basic RIVA Questions
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I have generally not paid much attention to RIVA issues since my setup is Windows based, but I am now looking at options for tablets.

I've loaded and played with the RIVA Windows client, and I know from the many posts here (and my efforts with the RIVA Windows client) that RIVA will not load web widgets (which in my case means no video feeds from security cams). But I don't (yet) have either an iPad or an Android tablet to play with, and I am confused about exactly how things work in the RIVA world.

Am I correct that the RIVA clients for non-Windows systems are all third party based apps? CQC Client and CQC Remote for Apple iPads and TaRiva for Android tablets? Are there other products I should look at or any other way to have a CQC client on an iPad or Android tablet (although learning Android-speak may be way more than I can handle...)

In the case of CQC Client on an iPad, does the "OpenOverlayURL" command get around the web widget issue and work with camera feeds or does it just work with images and not video?

I'm about ready to try the non-Windows RIVA world and any other thoughts/opinions/cautions would be welcomed.

I would say to look at some of the newer windows tablets. I just picked up a dell venue 8 pro for 200$ that runs the full IV perfectly fine.
I actually have been playing with the Lenovo tablet, and I agree that the Windows 8 tablets do a GREAT job with the CQC IV and with minimal template changes required.

My hope was, however, that the tablet would serve more than just as a CQC client, and on that score, all I can say is that Windows 8.1 must be an acquired taste.

It seems to do everything else I want to do on a tablet in a half-assed way, and that's why I was looking at the RIVA alternatives and had the questions I posted. I'm trying to assess whether I can get most (if not all) of what in a RIVA client and still have tablet that serves other needs...
Some folks have had very good luck with Android tablets running an RDP client, so effectively still getting the full IV, though in the upcoming work of dragging and sliding that won't be quite as smooth and fast as a native full IV.
For iOS, Microsoft has released their own RDP app which is really slick (they bought iTap RDP). So on an iPad, you will have RDP and RIVA both available.
I am one of those who use RDP on a Kindle (which is an Android at heart) with great results. I am using a product called RemoteRDP and I can see web widget content, etc. I'll see what happens when the fancy scrolling gets implemented but it has been totally responsive so far.

On the Windows 8.1 front, I found and use a free add-on called "Classic Shell". It does away with almost all of the Windows 8/8.1 insanity (polite way of putting it).
I use Start8 on my Windows 8.1 laptop and I hardly ever venture to the windows 8 Start screen. A very nice utility for $5 and probably one of the best $5 purchases I've ever made.
Not saying you should go the iPad route, but if you do, the OpenOverlayURL was originally intended just to fetch still images; that's why it has the automatic refetch capability, so you can get periodic snaps from a Web cam. It might work to pull a a file in a video format, but I don't think it could handle live streaming video, which is probably what you are really wanting to do.
Thanks everyone.

I had not realized that RDP was an option, so I now have that under active consideration (and, soon, experimentation). The only problem is that my CQC Master Server is on a Win 7 Home Premium machine (and, thus, no RDP ability) so I have to either find a Windows upgrade package or buy the Pro edition and go through the agony of a fresh install (which might not be a bad thing to get everything else off the server).

I'm currently leaning toward returning the Lenovo Win 8 tablet and trying my options on the iPad. I figure with the iPad I can try both the RDP and the RIVA options since people seem to like both.

I'd love to try RDP on an Android tablet, but I know absolutely nothing about that operating system and the task seems a bit more daunting than I'm willing to take on now.

I'm going to try Start8 and/or Classic Shell on the Lenovo tablet to see if either one helps, but I'm not sure they are going to solve all the non-CQC problems and hassles I'm having with Win 8.

Brian, thanks for the clarification about OpenOverayURL. My impression was that it worked as you said but I couldn't tell for sure. Since I'm likely to try both RDP and RIVA, I'll get a chance to see if it works for me.
Or you could just enable RDP on Home Premium using one of the numerous guides on the web...

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