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Full Version: Geofancy for Geo-Fencing iOS
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For the iOS folks -

This was released Nov 6, and I just found and tested it out. I put a fence around my house, and drove around my block a few times. The app seemed to work just fine!

If anyone else with iOS has an extra $2 to spare, give this a go. I need to do more than a couple ride arounds for testing, but so far it's looking pretty good.
And, important to mention, it apparently will send out a URL based on proximity and that can be used to send to the HTML trigger driver to make something happen.

Of course it would be tighter and more secure if the Android/RIVA apps could do this since they have secure communications back to the CQC server.
Yeah, the security aspect is sort of wonky, but I figure on using a string of 10 random chars once my testing is finished. That aside, the URL is sent when entering/exiting your 'fence', which comes over LTE (in my case), so short of someone brute forcing the site for my key, stealing my phone, or guessing it outright, I don't think I have much of a concern. And even if they get all of that, in the words of IVB - "Then they can turn my lights on and off." :-D
This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Now to wrap my head around the trigger driver and the logic of using this with 3 people.

How did you train the trigger driver?
The only potential issue I see is the effects on the battery. It may not be an issue for some phones, but I know that continually having the GPS active can certainly cause bad battery drains. I guess it depends in part how often the program pings the satellites for location data. If it is continuous, then I think battery life will suffer dramatically.
Should I be using a GET or POST?

I trained my HTTP Trigger driver using IE (per dean), and did it pretty slowly - send the string once every second or two, instead of rapidly.

I'm pretty sure the HTTP trigger is a lot more powerful than what I am using it for, but here is an example of my string:

http://myserver:port/12345home - that triggers sets the Jason variable home
http://myserver:port/12345away - this sets the Jason variable to away

For reference, the app has been running on my phone all day today, and it has been a standard day with calls/texts/emails, and I am at 39% remaining. Maybe 2 hours of talk, 3 dozen texts, 50 emails, and unplugged since 6AM.

Is that pretty typical battery usage for you?
Give or take a few percentages. I usually get a full day out of my phone (5S) and will plug it into power in the single digits.
You bastards!!!

I have resisted the upgrade to ios7 as its one of ugliest OSes i have ever seen and geofency will only run on 7. Now I have to decide do I upgrade or go without. Its a very hard decision to make that I was hoping not to make.

How would you contruct a URL to identify the person as well as an action. With everyone in the house having an iOS device, I want to be able to do different actions based on the user

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