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Full Version: EmailURLImg in Triggered Events
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I can use EmailURLImg in a command button successfully to send both of the following commands, and I get an email with the image from a Vivotek camera (and when using the second URL without the need for separate authentication for the camera):$channel=1;channel=1

But I'm trying to use the EmailURLImg in a triggered event, and neither works.

In the Log Monitor (even though other actions in the triggered event all correctly happen first), I get "Connect Operation Failed. Tried to connecto to".

I tried manaully additng a port (":8080") to the URLs, but then the error message returns the same error with the specified port.

It almost seems like the event is not sending the same info that the command button sends....

Any thoughts or suggestions?

The service may not have permission to do a connection to the HTTP port or some such thing. If you haven't already, create a regular admin account for CQC and have the master server service log in using that account and see if that makes it happy.
Thanks, Dean, but it still does not seem to be happy...

The CQCAppShell service was running on a local system account so I stopped it and tried both an existing admin account and a newly created admin user account (and even rebooted with them as the account(s) running the service) but I get the same error.

What was a interesting was when I put the EMailURLImg command into a scheduled daily event I was able to successfully test the scheduled event and receive an image, but when the actual time for triggering the scheduled event came, same error.

Anything else to try?
Can you, just as a sanity check, change it to try to access some image on the net, to see if that works? I.e. is it something to do with accessing a local HTTP host or something more general. Testing the scheduled event would be doing it in the foreground as well, so it definitely seems somehow related to network access in the background.

Also, can you get me a stack dump with the actual errors in it so that I can see the details? What version of Windows are you on and what version of CQC?
Dean, thanks.

I have Ver 4.4.0 running on 64-bit Windows Home Premium.

I was able to successfully send a public traffic cam image from a url via a command button, but was again unable to connect or send the image using a triggered event (and got the same error in the system log: "tried to connect to:

And please excuse my ignorance, but how do I get a stack dump...?
Update: it's evidently a firewall issue with Norton. When I tried turning Norton's Smart Firewall off the triggered event worked. I checked and all the CQC program exe files were on "Auto" so I changed the EventSr to "Allow" and that seems to work...

Is there any other specific name for the background actions that I should list in Norton as allowed?
The only programs that should make any connections outward bound from the background are the ones that can run actions. So CQCServer (where drivers will do it), CQCEventSrv (where sched/trig events will), possibly CQCWebSrv if you run any CML or load pages that reference external HTTP servers.

They all should be allowed to listen or send locally within the network. If you use RIVA clients from outside, then you'd have to allow the RIVA server (CQCRemVSrv) to accept inbound connections.