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Full Version: Theatertek
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How is this controlled now? Before I had 2 drivers for it and needed both for it to run. Now I have upgraded to 4.3.931 and I only see the non-IP driver for it, ver 2.0. So now I can get CQC to start Theatertek but when I try to specify the media for it to play I do not know how to do that as there is no IP driver for Theatertek anymore.
Oops, you know, I think I may have failed to upgrade that one for the new changes. Now that I go back and look at my notes, I think that I didn't have one to test against and was going to get one set up, but failed to do so.

I can get it updated for the 4.4.1 follow-up release that will be out in a week or so, but not really before then. In the meantime, if you are dependent on it, you might need to go back again. Or maybe look at Zoom Player as an alternative, which did get updated.
Guess I will have to wait the week for this to be add. Just means my little girl keeps bugging me to start the movie for her.
Dean when is the next update coming out so I can have my Theatertek driver back? And if going to be awhile can you just send my that driver so I can add?
I need to get the stuff I'm currently working on put up first, then I'll take a whack a this guy. Hopefully I'll get a drop with all of the current changes up tonight, then I can look at the TT driver tomorrow and I'll put up another drop with that in it. I can't send it separately very easily anyway since it's a C++ driver. I'd like to take the time to convert it to CML, but it's just not justifiable since few people probably use it these days.
Just let me know when the TT driver is included so I can download that version and install it.
So I was just looking, and it doesn't even look like TheaterTek is still alive. Their web site doesn't seem to exist anymore. Am I missing something?

If not, and it really is dead now, I have to say that I have a problem with doing all that work for a dead product, that maybe you might be the only one using, and when you can just download the free version of Zoom player and load it with the same moniker and get the same functionality without changing anything. If TT is dead, it would be best to just let it go.
Ok trying Zoom Player and having problems. Installed ver 8.16. When I run the command when I select a movie


I get the following error:

10/30 16:47:54-cqc, CQCServer, CQCDrv_ZoomThread2357
CQCMedia, CQCMedia_StdRendDrv.cpp.1627, Status/App Status
Renderer Zoom received info '0,A,EC,1' for playing
10/30 16:47:54-cqc, CQCServer, CQCDrv_ZoomThread2357
CQCMedia, CQCMedia_StdRendDrv.cpp.1680, Status/App Status
Driver Zoom rejected media info '0,A,EC,1'
10/30 16:47:54-cqc, CQCServer, CQCDrv_ZoomThread2357
CQCKit, CQCDriver_DriverBase.cpp.6509, Failed/Not Found, Error: 2016/0/0
The value written to field Zoom.PlayMedia was rejected by the driver
CQCDriver_DriverBase.cpp - 7880
CIDOrb_ThisFacility.cpp - 536
CQCKit_CQCSrvAdminClientProxy.cpp - 2031
CQCKit_StdCmdTargets.cpp - 274
CQCIntfEng_ActEngine.cpp - 690
CQCIntfEng_View.cpp - 4430


Using DVD Profiler as my database and it is setup properly with [ONLINELOCATION="\\CQC\My Movies\OztheGreatandPowerful\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO"]
in the Personal Information field.

What is going on? This was working with TT and I just switched to Zoom.
Looks like it should be working OK, assuming that you associated Zoom with the repo that the cookie is from. I'll take another look at Zoom tonight to make sure I didn't break something at the end after testing it but before the release. If so, I'll get it fixed and get another drop up.

Just to be sure, can you put that path directly into Zoom and play it?
OK, nevermind, that was my own stupidity. Zoom ended up being the only C++ media renderer that wasn't a music oriented one, and I failed to update the 'acceptable media type flags' value for it towards the end there when I was making some more changes, so it was still set to music. Cut and paste error basically.

I will put up another drop tomorrow that will fix this issue. Sorry about that.
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