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Full Version: XML Gateway Server
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I'm experimenting with the the XML Gateway stuff in Java (trying to learn Java) but I'm having difficulty with the logon - getting the following error - <CQCGW:Msg>
<CQCGW:ExceptionReply CQCGW:ErrClass="EClass_Format" CQCGW:ErrSev="ESev_Failed" CQCGW:File="CQCGWSrv_WorkerHelpers.cpp" CQCGW:Line="396" CQCGWTonguerocess="CQCGWSrv" CQCGW:Thread="CQCGWSrvWorkerThread1">
The packet header had a bad magic value

Dean any ideas on the issue or can you give me a real example on how to code the header stuff. I'm not understanding these magic values or how the header should be formatted.

Find the thread for the Android client. The first post contains a link to the source code and you can see a full XML gateway client implementation including the security stuff.
Thanks for the quick reply. I did a search and did not find anything in Android client. Can you give me a more direct link?
It's in the Android Related Products subsection (below this one) and the thread is "Native Android app (auto-gen based)".
Got it, thanks Dean!!!!