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Full Version: Time for an update to ELK driver?
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Dean, During the 4.3 beta driver development there was talk of a need for an update to the ELK driver. You said you would tackle it after 4.3 was released. I was wondering if you are at a point to start working on it now? I was holding off updating my system until this came out
It was planned. However, two things sort of stopped it for this round. One was all the work on gestures and scrolling. The other is that we finally started moving forward on the standardization of drivers and the definition of formal device classes that drivers can implement. I wasn't far enough along in my thinking on that front to tackle a new Elk driver, and it didn't make sense to do it once, and then turn around and do it again once I figured out all of the device class issues.

So I decided to put it off until I could tackle it in the form of a new V2 driver architecture driver. Another reasons would be that the Omni would need to be done as well once these issues are worked out, so that any client side stuff that depends on this standardization could work with both of them.

It'll happen, but we just couldn't get there this time around. I'll probably start to think about it more during the pre-release period.