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Full Version: Audio files not loading
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I am trying to get my music repository back up and going after numerous system changes. Two issues seem to be happening:

Not all of my iTunes music is making it into the repository. I forced reloading a couple of times but a lot of tracks are being left out. I am using the Tray App driver, which appears to be working...but it is not pulling over all titles. The Tray Monitor says Database loaded with 590 titles but iTunes shows that I have 1453 albums. Not sure where to even start troubleshooting.

My songs are not playing. When selecting a title or collection, the items appear to queue but the files won't play. I am thinking it has to do with the fact that my iTunes repository is on my NAS on a mapped drive since that is the biggest change from when I had things working a while ago. Here is the log excerpt:
07/11 17:16:22-HA-server, CQCServer, CQCDrv_CQCAudio1Thread11
CQSLAudPlS, CQSLAudPlS_DriverImpl2.cpp.278, Status/App Status
Driver CQCAudio1 failed to load new audio file
07/11 17:16:22-HA-server, CQCServer, CQCDrv_CQCAudio1Thread11
CQSLAudPlS, CQSLAudPlS_DriverImpl.cpp.875, Status/App Status
Removing failed item from playlist. Moniker=CQCAudio1
07/11 17:16:22-HA-server, CQCServer, WMPAudioPlayerThread_2
CQCMedia, CQCMedia_WMPAudioPlayer.cpp.1067, Failed/Cannot Do, Error: 5910/0/0
Could not build the filter graph for file 'M:\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Muse\Black Holes And Revelations\11 Knights Of Cydonia.mp3'
The system cannot find the path specified.
CQCMedia_WMPAudioPlayer.cpp - 1103

Any help is appreciated...thanks!
You will have to have iTunes expose the files via a shared directory, not a shared drive. That's why the files aren't playing. It may be affecting the loading of titles as well potentially, but probably not. But still, take care of that first, then we can look further.
Thanks Dean - success on getting music to play. But the driver is still not loading all of my music.

iTunes clearly has many more titles than what is being imported. Even after the change to shared directory instead of mapped drive I am getting the same number of "Titles Loaded" and 0 for "Titles Ignored". There is nothing in the Tray Monitor log other than:

Connected to iTunes successfully
Database loaded

And there is nothing in the CQC system log.

For what it's worth, the titles that are importing aren't alphabetical or anything like that - but it seems to me that what is being left out is all newer stuff that I have added to iTunes in the past year or so. I tried moving the Previous iTunes Libraries folder and reloading in case it was working off of an older library file but no difference. I also added a new song to iTunes from a new title collection and also no difference in the loaded title count. No clue what else to try...
Are these titles not in the main library playlist? Right click on the tray monitor and put it into higher verbosity mode, and then force it to reload and see what shows up in the logs. Some of the files may be missing information that it requires.
Log files show nothing related to loading the repository. These titles are clearly in iTunes but they are not making it into the repository database load. I've had cases in the past where the driver has shown some titles as being ignored due to missing data but it is saying 0 ignored.
Oh, sorry, don't look at the logs, look at the output window on the tray monitor's iTunes tab.
all it says is database loaded - even with high verbosity.
When you say high verbosity, you mean on the tray monitor itself right? Not on the repo driver. It should be showing you info if the tray monitor is in high verbosity mode.
I am referring to the logging level within the tray monitor. the only thing showing up in the activity log window on the itunes tab is "database loaded".
And you forced a reload after you set the verbosity? If so, then presumably it's not finding anything it doesn't like, which would tend to imply that either it's not seeing those other albums at all, or it's combining some of them into single title sets (either correctly or incorrectly.)
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