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Full Version: RFXcom driver or Tellstick driver
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Does a driver for "RfXcom" or "Telldus" exists ?
I want to use it to control devices from "Nexa".

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Never heard of either of those things, so pretty sure the answer would be no. What are they?

Here is a link to read more about rfxcom.

And here is telldus.

They are to used to control devices through wireless comunication.
They are generic wireless control devices supporting several wireless protocols. I ran across them when researching weather stations, they can support a lot of wireless weather station protocols which is another option over using your weather console to attach via serial to a PC.

If there is an xPL driver that might be a way to interface, I think they support xPL...
Was anything ever done with the RFXCom? This is a very handy 433Mhz bi-directional unit for LOTS of things out there ranging from weather stations as mentioned to environmental sensors (temp/humidity/etc) and door/window and even motion sensors. Lots of RF devices even Ceiling fans and automated blinds/curtains.
No, nothing ever came of that.
(01-19-2020, 06:51 AM)Dean Roddey Wrote: [ -> ]No, nothing ever came of that.

Down the road after Linux and things settle it would be nice to look into this.
I have an RFXCOM at the moment and would be interested in a driver perhaps too. I use it for RF blind motors right now via the generic serial driver - 1 way comms only. Seems it can interface to a lot of devices.
Yeah I have a RFXcom in a box. I bought it to work on but I've never opened it. I'm thinking I want to try out some 433Mhz door sensors. This isn't for security use at all it's just for automation use so not a security concern around 433Mhz.