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Full Version: Need Rock-solid Serial over IP
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My Serial over IP cheap solution has rapidly degraded now that i'm on W7. What are folks using nowadays? Anything thats available new?
Depending on how many you need at any given spot, as of the recent betas we support the GC-100 ports directly now.
Interesting; how would that work? As in, I have a Concerto that I currently connect via COM16 and the native CQC driver, does the CQC GlobalCache driver somehow connect to the CQC GlobalCache driver?
You just configure CQC to tell it about what GC-100s you want to expose the drivers of, and they just show up as COM ports when select a serial port. You give a short name to each one when you configure it, and the port names are in the form:


Where xxx is the name you configured. This is all separate from the GC-100 driver itself. The ports are connected to through a different port and separate from the GC-100 control interface. We can't set up the serial ports in terms of configuration, so you have to pre-configure them for the right settings via the GC-100 web interface.
Got it. Are there different firmware versions? There's a few on eBay for a low price, wondering if those would work or if they're too old.
Older ones only go up to 19,200 baud rate, where the newer ones go up to 57600, so that could possibly be important.
just as a FWIW type thing, Dean's built in GC-100 driver thingy has been working flawlessly for me...
with one exception, if your license is in demo mode or whatever you call it, and your demo expires because you successfully procrastinated too long, the serial ports stop working...
normally, I could coast along until I need to reboot something, but now when the clock reaches 0, its done...

but this may not be an issue for anyone who isn't a successful procrastinator...
Dude, you've owned CQC for 4 years now, WTF? It takes all of 30 seconds to send Dean the key!

You are an ignorant wackjob Smile
actually, it is more like 6 years...
and sending Dean the license thingy is like hard and stuff...
There's no reason it should stop working, that I can think of. That type of thing isn't really tied to the licensing system at all. So I'm not sure why that happened.
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