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Full Version: Need Rock-solid Serial over IP
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depending on your needs I have been using a Digi Etherlite 32 for a couple of years now with no issues at all. Its running on W2k8 x64 now just as well.

If you only need a few ports then the itach serials may be the way to go as I am having no problems with them either - well a GC100 at least but they are the same thing.

The only caveat with the CQC serial port option for the global cache products is that if you need the port outside of CQC its not there. CQC is the only software that will have access to the port.

I picked up 2 GC100s on eBay since they were relatively inexpensive. CQC only is fine by me, thats all that needs access to them.
I have been using the Moxa cards... work flawlessly.
Dean Roddey Wrote:There's no reason it should stop working, that I can think of. That type of thing isn't really tied to the licensing system at all. So I'm not sure why that happened.
well, as IVB so eloquently:tounge pointed out, this is really kind of a non-issue...
I am really not bothered by it too much...
IVB Wrote:My Serial over IP cheap solution has rapidly degraded now that i'm on W7. What are folks using nowadays? Anything thats available new?

I've used a few serial servers over the years. Lately I've been working with an oil company who uses Tibbo devices. I hooked one up to CQC and a PIM, worked great. The devices have great driver support and tech support as well. We have about 30 of them in the field (hooked to oil tanks, not HA stuff heh)

I also looked at Lantronix recently, but they don't support linux so I didn't bother. If I buy something I want it to be usable on anything I throw at it.
Thanks guys! Got a GC100-6 and a GC100-12, after some initial confusion, they are both in business and rocking!
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