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Full Version: roku as audio source
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As posted here:

Quote:Move over Sonos, my love affair with #plexmediaserver and #roku just ramped up. Turns out you can use your smartphone (well at least Android) to send a song or video from your plex server to the roku of your choice. That means its a valid source for a whole house audio system. Only sticky wicket is that it must be in the plex channel for it to work. Looks like #sonos doesn't support Google Music, so if I'm not going to have play lists then I just need local music.

I can't get my Logitech SB to work on my W7/64GB box, some damn networking or firewall issue. Looking for another source, Sonos doesn't support Google Music playlists so I may as well stick with a cheaper source that just does local music and has a decent iPhone/Android interface.
It could be done. When I originally did the driver, I figured it would be used as a video device so it only supports video currently. It's been a while, so I don't remember all the issues. It may have also been that it'll only do music from a DNLA server or something like that. I'd have to dig back into it.
no need for CQC to tackle it, its not that big a deal to have 2 different apps (CQC & Roku or Plex). I just thought I'd point it out here since its a common need.