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Full Version: unhandled exception
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Title: Interface Template Viewer [\User\iPad-Main]
Line #: 0/0/0
Msg: An unhandled exception of unknown type was thrown by GUI code
Msg2: The application will exit now for safety purposes. Sorry

Getting lots of these - any recommendations. They seem to be random.
Anything else showing up in the logs? Is it only when accessing that particular main template? Is it happening on startup of the IV, or when you are doing some particular activity?
I was getting the same message very randomly as well on 4.1.0. The touchscreen which has the IV loaded 24/7 would sometimes have this error message. I have since upgraded to 4.2.0 and will let you know if I see it again.
It wasn't related to any particular type of activity? Browsing media, accessing some partiuclar types of widgets like web browsers, etc...?