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Full Version: Tray Monitor hangs when loading iTunes date
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Please see the attached. I keep getting hung on initial data load from iTunes due to an error with a JPG. I do have the checkbox selected to delete unreferenced images. I have attempted the load both with the checkbox enabled and without. Any Ideas?
Hmmm... There must be two albums with the same name or something, and I may not be protecting myself from trying to store the cover art when they end up with the same id. I'll look at that for the next drop.
I think I see how it could have happened, so see what happens after the next drop.
OK, try .14 and see how that works.
Dean - Same exact error with no change. I am going to remove the album in question and try once more.
Dean - This is what I did - I deleted the offending album then came across another with the same issue; I deleted that. All then loaded as expected.

As for the two albums that did not work out, they were an assembly of tracks from several albums in MP3 format. iTunes assumed that they were all the same album, as the tracks are sold together or individually and have the same artwork and must have the same ID. These are both albums of specific dance music for my daughter. I am sure that they did no follow any standard.

I would consider this an anomaly and just close this out.
I'm having trouble figuring out how that could happen. It's protecting itself against adding duplicate images. Was the error the same as before when these failed to load?

Could you put them back and make it happen again, then make a handful of those tracks avilable so I could set them up and try it here and see what is happening?
Sure - Will do tonight. When I got back home today, the server was locked up, which is very strange as it has been rock solid. I will poke around and let you know what I find.
Actually can just put them back in and try it with .15, which I think may have taken care of this issue.