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Full Version: Brultech ECMs & CTs for sale
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Decided that I'm not using my system and never finished it out with all the CTs I had originally intended so I'm selling here.

Item/Quantity/Price Ea.

ECM-1240 3 $80
Micro-80 Donut Style CT 8 $4.50

SOLD : Split-200 CT 2 $35
SOLD: Micro-40 Donut Style CT 8 $4.50

Can probably make a good deal if you buy all together. Please PM with any requests/interest.
PM sent. I'm interested in the whole package.
I misread the quantity on the actual ECM-1240 units (I thought there was only 1 available and not 5). I do not need 5 units.

My apologies to anyone that is following this thread, but there is a lot more units than I need, so be sure to PM Sendero with your needs. Since I am not purchasing the entire package now, I probably won't get all the CTs either.

Again, sorry for the false post above! There is still equipment available.
Down to 3 x 1240s + 9 x Micro CT-80s. Looking to make a deal to move these out.