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Full Version: Spring Cleaning of some HA stuff...
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Well, it is simply time to start cleaning out the 10 year accumulation of items that are sitting on the shelves. I will keep this post updated as things sell. If anyone wants to make any offers, contact me via the board.

1. Currently listed on EBay is a Ocelot at this link:

2. I will be listing a a pair of Carls Electronics CK1610's with a Ck1610u Kit (which turns the two units into one unit with 16 relays) in a few days. Everything is new and never placed into use. $89 per unit or make an offer. Take both and I will throw in the kit.

3. I have one (1) HACS - AB8SS speaker relay device, used. This was my speaker zone selector and works well. The unit has two amp inputs (A,B). All zones listen to the same input. Each zone is individually switched. Asking $89 or best offer. Go here for more information

I have more that I will list shortly.
You accidentally made this post in the section header post, so I moved it out to a separate thread.
Dean Roddey Wrote:You accidentally made this point in the section header post, so I moved it out to a separate thread.

Ah - Sorry bout that. Thanks for the assist.
And obviously I meant to say POST not POINT, so I fixed that.
Hi All;
For anyone interested in a Carl's CK1610, I have two available along with an interconnection kit.

GO here for the ebay listing:

If interested and a CQC user, contact me via this group or email.

Remember that a driver is available for CQC to control these units. These are great for irrigation control or low voltage lighting control.
DaveB Wrote:Hi All;
Hi Dave,
The link seems dead ...
The link works fine for me, but the auction has ended.
The link is now dead. I still have the units if anyone is interested. I will let each go for $50, and if you purchase both units, I will throw in the connection kit, which makes two units act as one, 16 relay unit.

Post here or email me if interested.