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Full Version: Cool New Smart Watch - bluetooth pairing with Android and iPhone
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I saw this cool new "smart watch" called the Pebble on kickstarter and it is a really neat idea. Rather than try to recreate an entire device, it simply connects via bluetooth to your smart phone (Android or iPhone). You can load apps onto the watch from your phone and it would share the data connection with the phone rather than needing it's own.

They are releasing a developer SDK and I thought it would be cool to have integration with the existing CQC Android and iPhone apps. You could use your watch to control the house. A little gimicky, but pretty cool none the less.

Comments, ideas?
I love the idea. A buddy of mine already contributed on kickstarter. I think I'll wait to see the watch in person.
With SDK, I hope you can get the watch to communicate with any Bluetooth 2.1+EDR device you choose.

I don't know what the range of Bluetooth is. If it is far enough, you could plug a Bluetooth dongle into your CQC server, and communicate directly with the watch from anywhere in the house.
This is a great step into a personal CQC display for everyone in the house. It will allow us to really personalise automation.

The issue that I still see is that we need to be able to track everyone within the building/house so that events can be triggered by just moving room to room. Music to follow the users, lights track where you are and turn on/off.

We need to find a way to achieve this and I think that we will have a system that will be really able to justify itself.

I'm just finishing up adding a new 'presence' type of event trigger. It lets drivers send out a standardized enter/exit presence trigger, with id information to identify the entity that has arrived or left.
lol, I can see my kids learning how to set up CQC triggers, so they can have it turn on the in-wall speakers and yell "get out of my room <name>" if the siblings watch enters their room while they're not home :-)
Well, this is now the most successful kickstarter ever. $5M so far, 28 days to go.
Has there been any more development here. They just released Pebble Steel and they look great!
If your smart devices are Android based take a look at this tasker Auto plugin. This is still in beta but looks very promising.

Now, to get a Pebble or not, hmm....

honestly i'm not wild about mine. I love the functionality of it, but egads this UI makes no sense. Dismiss a notification on phone? How do you get it back? How do you scroll through notifications and back? All interaction via the "music" section? Double-tap to alternate between music control & watch control? WTF? But, I do have it set up via tasker to reply to inbound texts with A) "Yes/Maybe", B) "No", C)"Can't respond will text back later" based on which of the 3 buttons I press.

I'm bummed that all they did was change the form factor, when in reality doing more with the watch interface would have been better. As it stands now, they are ripe for losing first-mover advantage the second someone comes along with a simpler to use one. (And I can do CQC, so i'm no tech slouch).
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