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Full Version: RIVA Client: PlayBook 2.0
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The RIVA Client application provides two way control over Charmed Quark Systems (CQC) home automation system via the Android Player of a PlayBook 2.0 tablet.

Information can be found on the native Android wiki. The application can be purchased on the BlackBerry App World.

Ideally, you would want a template matching the resolution of your device (i.e. 1024x600), but orientation change and swiping to see the rest of the template are supported. This basically uses the same code as TaRIVA, since RIM was giving away free PlayBook to developer who ported an android app. Wink


Dragging a finger from the top of the tablet brings up the Option menu on the Android Player. Dragging a finger from the bottom allows to switch apps. Dragging a finger from the bottom diagonally to the left acts as the Back key on the Android Player.

If the template is bigger than the device's width and/or height, you can swipe to scroll it, and you need a long press to use the template's buttons (the delay is adjustable). With proper height/width, a normal tap will work.

I just bought your app. I have it set up to connect to my CQC server (I think) but all I get is the splash screen. For the host I put in the IP address with nothing before or after. I hope that's the right way to do it.

The default template shows up and works in the remote viewer client on the server, and it's 800x600. Nothing complicated, just 1 button for testing. Help.

I should add that I'm using the Admin account for my testing. I don't have any other users configured.

Do you have the RIVA Server module installed on the master CQC server?

Edit - after rereading your original post, it seems that you are using the RIVA desktop client to test with and it works OK. This would mean the RIVA Server is installed properly. However, if you are just using the Interface Template Viewer to view those templates, then the RIVA Server may not be installed.
I guess I wasn't clear, but yes, I can see and use the template from the remote viewer aka RIVA client on the server, but all I see with the PlayBook app is the splash screen.

Is there more than one protocol option in the set up? Have you tried using some of the lower (older) protocols? What version of the main CQC software are you using?
CQC is 4.2.9.

I think I'm using protocol 2. I'll try the other one tonight. Do I need to change something on the server, too?

Another thing I forgot to mention is that when I check the info or whatever, there is no template name listed, and the resolution is 1024x768, when my default template is 800x600.

xlurkr Wrote:For the host I put in the IP address with nothing before or after.
So it's a local address like

Can you recommend a good way to see if the server is reachable, a ping-like thing I can do? I have already determined that I get the same result even if I configure with a non-existent IP address.

Also, a correction: the template resolution is listed as 1024x600. I wrote the previous value from memory.

I've been puzzled by the icon for this app, but I just noticed that it is a cropped version of the lower right part of the Q in CQC. Great insider joke.

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