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Full Version: Automatically refresh web image widget in RIVA?
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I figured out a way to display my cameras on my iPads via RIVA, but its basically a still of the camera(s). I'd like to update the image every couple of seconds automatically, would that put too much stress on the RIVA server, caching of images, etc...? If not, how would I go about doing so? The web image URL always is the same, it just needs to be reloaded.

I use Blue Iris Surveillance software. I'd like to keep an iPad in the theater to control things and to see if who's at the door. It's in a bonus room on the other side of the house, so it takes a bit of running to get to the door.
How are you displaying the image?
It's a web image widget with the URL of something like

"http://blueiris/camera1?time=0" for just 1 camera (not exact but mostly correct) or
"http://blueiris/view?time=0" for all cameras

The "?time=0" always loads the current image as a jpeg. I was hoping to be able to switch views by having a command button, having the command button change the GVar, and the GVar loaded into the SetImg. Not sure how I can continuously have it done in the background?
It should be too abusive to update it, though I'd not do it too fast. How large are the images?

The web image widget doesn't have any sort of auto-update. If it's in a popup you could use the OnTimeout event to periodically update it, but you'd want to be careful not to just beat it to death if it's getting behind, i.e. it's never even getting an image loaded before you are asking it to load another.
Does a RIVA client support the IV events? You could also setup a Timer in the timer driver and trigger an events on the event tab to refresh.

I refresh some web image widgets this way, based on field events.
I don't think that they work when in RIVA mode.
I wanted to just put the web image in the IV, rather than popup. Any other way to reload it automatically? All the ways I keep trying seem to lock everything up while it's processing.
There isn't any good way to have it reload regularly. You could try the OnTimeout event on the template itself to try to reload it. But, as I said before, don't push it too fast or you'll just end up never actually loading anything and constantly bashing it to death, making it start reloading before it loads the last one.

Ultimately having it support a built in auto-update would be the best way to do it I guess.
+1 to built in auto-update feature.

Dean Roddey Wrote:.
Ultimately having it support a built in auto-update would be the best way to do it I guess.