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Full Version: Sage TV Devices
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Decided to shut down my Sage system. So, I have 4 receivers to sell:
2 x STX-HD100 ($70)
1 x HD200 ($225)
1 x HD300 ($330)

All items are just units & power cord. No original boxes. All have a remote EXCEPT for one HD100.

Posting here before I post them to E-Bay this weekend. Let me know ASAP if interested.
OK, only the two HD100s left. Make an offer as I'm looking to move these out.
Just curious what you plan to replace these with? I have one HD200 that I distribute throughout the house via a B&K HD-6. We primarily watch ripped DVD's on it, but with the lack of support in the future, I was contemplating something else. I ripped my DVD's in the VOB format, but haven't figured out anything that will handle them as gracefully as Sage does.
have you tried Dune?
if you are only doing doing DVD/BR and no PVR you should have lots of options as far as solid players go... not sure what options have a solid control protocol though...
Boxee is an option. But if I had to do that over again I would seriously consider just getting an AppleTV and loading XBMC on it. It seems Boxee has introduced a lot of issues in their last few releases.

I have an XBMC 11/Eden driver pretty much done, I just haven't had time to test it much, and have never tried it with AppleTV. I might just go ahead an upload it.
Three months ago I purchased an Apple TV 2 and installed XBMC and MythBox and built a simple Linux box and installed Mythbuntu. I cannot get the two to talk yet! Not as easy as Sage.... at least for computer morons like me...

I've decided to hold on MythTV and try to get Windows 7 SMB to play nice with the XBMC on ATV2 to at least get video playback running.

Hoping my last HD300 will last long enough for me to figure this out...