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Full Version: Closet Cleaning!
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Getting rid of a lot of stuff that I purchased in the past for a new home build. I bought an existing home with different challenges, so off it goes! Buyer covers actual shipping from 53105. Thanks for looking. Paypal please.

Sold several items here, and 100% on Ebay (lawsondl). I can send pics if interested, and all work as new.

Video Storm CSM42 matrix switcher ($100)

Inday RGB4x-R ($50)

Inday DA4X-R ($50)

Extron 200 Matrix 8x8 switcher ($150)
This passes component video and coaxial audio via the sync connection, so can pass HDTV 1080i signals plus digital audio. I have tested it with the Extron 200 rs-232 driver here on the forums and works as advertised. This unit is without the front keypad, but not needed with use of the CQC driver.

Xantech Hidden Link IR Repeater System. Includes IR Receiver, 789-44 connecting block, power supply, and 4 IR emitters. ($50)

CeLabs AV901 HD Component Video/Audio Distribution Amplifier & power supply ($60). This is a rock solid unit for boosting signals for long cable runs.
Sent you a PM :-)