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Full Version: Interacting with Apple Airport Express?
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Hi Team,

I've been in a media steady state for a long time - I have two two-way sources (sageTV hd-300 & logitech squeezebox) and a two-way receiver (rotel rsx-1057). cqc monitors/controls all of them with all kinds of benefits.

i recently broke down and bought an apple airport express. it's a pretty cool gizmo that provides a neat solution to the "hey man nice system can i play this song from my iphone?" using the airplay interface. but it totally breaks my automation paradigm.

does anyone have any ideas/experience for interacting with this thing from CQC? I don't really need control, just monitoring. Because the music is streamed from a device, there's no itunes. it looks like it does SNMP, but everything I've found online is about networking, not about the music. also, at least currently, i have it on a different subnet from my CQC system.

Anyway, I appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone might have, either on working with the airport express, or on a different way to solve the problem.

So what do you need specifically to be able to do? Just to sense that something has been plugged in so that you can change sources on the receiver or something like that?
i really mostly need a "playmode" field that i can set triggers on.
-when it switches to play => power on/change the receiver input & pause/stop other sources as appropriate
-when it switches to pause or stop => start a timer that will turn off the receiver unless interrupted

this is how my squeezeboxes and sage boxes work.

cool but not necessary would be some info about what's playing, to pipe around to various places in the system that consumer or display that information.
Anyone know if these guys are interoperable with the outside world?