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Full Version: 15" touch screens, Elk Parts, Ocelot
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SOLD - 2 brand new, never opened boxes, Dell E157FPT 15" touchscreen flat panel monitors. Listed at $480 US ($678 in Canada??) Sell for $240 each
SOLD - 2 brand new ELK Port expander, ELK-M1-XSP $45 each
SOLD - 1 brand new ELK Ethernet Interface, ELK-M1-XEP $100
SOLD - 26 brand new BNC video balum to RJ45 GEM BLN-RJ45 $75 for all 26
SOLD - Ocelot controller, used for 1/2 hour (seriously) $50
SOLD - Adicon Secu-16 free if you buy the Ocelot

shipping extra from Alberta, Canada
Pricing is US or Canadian, whichever you choose, paid by paypal

PM sent in regards to the Ocelot.
I've reduced the touch screen price to $199
PM sent for the touchscreens.
Let me know if there is still a touch screen available. Depending on how much shipping would run, I would be interested in one of them.

sorry, they're sold