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Full Version: Sending HTML commands to Blue Iris
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I'm in trial mode of Blue Iris NVR software and I like it better than my Qnap Viostor box. I'm especially intrerested to see how TrackIt will work with my new PTZ camera.

In playing around, I've noticed that the program can sort of receive commands to trigger a 10 second video or snapshot to be sent to my email. There are a couple ways to do this, 1)Load a webpage with my server's IP address/cam/Shortname/ShortName,toggle,trigger in the address bar and voila. This is using the BIRC (Blue Iris Remote Control) add on. Or 2)Using the command line add on BICommand.exe.

I have a batch file for #2, but it all has to be on the machine hosting the software.

Any suggestions on the best way to use this to trigger a video when my driveway sensor goes off? The driveway sensor is connected to my Elk M1 system.
Install the app control server and use it to kickoff your batch file.
potts.mike Wrote:Install the app control server and use it to kickoff your batch file.

You could do a simple CML macro that will send the HTTP command and run that from wherever you want.