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Full Version: wunderground maps dynamic html page
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Hey guys!

Here is another dynamic html page I have thrown together for pulling in some of the wunderground weather maps and radar images.

it will take three args aside from the standard width/height args.


region = us,ne,se,mw,sc,nw,sw,ak,hi | eu,i_sp,i_uk,i_fr,i_dl,i_sn,i_iy,i_pl,i_gr,i_ro,i_tu | sa | af | a2,i_in,i_id,i_ah | as,i_jp | au | an
map = ws,sf,rh,dp,st,hi,wc,jt,nws_precip,snow,ir,vi,vs,flu,ozone,uv,severe,rd
loop = (null),_anim

the regions and maps that I have found to be available are listed above, this list may be incomplete and there may be some of the maps that are not available for all regions as well as some that will not animate. (eg: flu)

Just hoping someone out there may find this useful.