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Full Version: just a FYI, cute little ATOM/ION box @ Newegg for $150
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Giada CUBE-N3-D2OB NVIDIA ION Dual Core Atom eSATA Booksize Barebone System
not sure if its a great deal or anything, but it seems ok...

not sure what purpose it could serve... not nearly enough serial ports (0), but its like only 20W or something... but it could be good for something...
i bought 1.8Ghz dual core...4gb RAM from, i use it for sagetv server. for CQC server, use hp thinclient.

Item Quantity Description Rate Amount Tax Options
MEM-SO-DDR3-2GB 2 MEM-SO-DDR3-2GB 29.00 58.00 Yes
CAB-P4-POWER-SHORT 1 4-Pin P4 Short Power Cable 1.25 1.25 Yes
MBD-I-D525MWV 1 D525MWV Mini-ITX Motherboard 82.00 82.00 Yes
ENC-M350-PWR 1 M350 Enclosure
WITH PICOPSU-80 and 60W ADAPTER KIT 69.00 69.00 Yes
System Assembly for M350 1 System Assembly and Testing
***already payed separately

Subtotal 210.25