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Full Version: Problem with Repository when Doing Customized Install
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I wanted to add the Riva Server to my setup, and after reading the forum, I saw I needed to do the customized install. So I had already had 3.4.8 installed, and then through the customized install added the Remote Control Interface, the Logic Server, and the Riva Server. Everything seems to work fine except I lost all of the data in my backgrounds repository. Not a big issue as I can re-add it, but if there is an easy way to restore it that would be nice. The images, etc. are still in the folder, just not in the repository. Just to make sure I didn't screw something up, I took a backup from last night and did the same thing with the same results.
So, just to make sure I understand, you are talking about images you imported into the image repository to use in your interfaces, that were in the \User area of the image repository? Were these image packs you imported or something? Are all the \System area images there?

And everything else is ok? Drivers are still there, user interfaces (just missing images I assume), and all that?
Everything else is intact. All of the images are in \CQCData\DataServer\Images\User\800x480\Backgrounds, and they are still there, and actually still load up fine , it was that I had built a popup using a repository, and it was populated using thumbnails of the images that were stored in \CQCData\DataServer\Images\User\800x480\Backgrounds\Thumbnails. My system would allow you to select one from a browser and then it would change the background image.

Nothing else is missing other than the CQC repository is now blank. When I went back to my backup from yesterday, they were all in tact and the repositiory was in tact and working. When I did the customized install the second time, the same thing happened.

I wouldn't worry about it to much as it will only take 30 minutes to rebuild the repository.
Or if you are using a regular CQC Repository (so you can change them on the fly) then you shouldn't be storing the path for that under the CQC directory.
Okay, I was able to locate where I had placed the repository. It was under \DataServer\Interfaces\Images\User\800x480\Backgrounds

Maybe that is a location that shouldn't of been used. I went ahead and copied over that folder from the backup to that location, restarted the service and got everything working.

My question is - should I not be putting them in that location? If not, how could I move them, and where would you suggest they be?
I didn't mean the standard CQC image repository. I mean if you are using a CQSL Media Repository (with a driver) to store images for backgrounds then you should not put it's path under the CQC directory.

If you are just talking about losing stuff in the standard CQC image repository (where buttons, etc are stored) then ignore what I said...
Yeh, if you pointed a CQSL media repository down into that, that's definitely a no-no. If you want to do something like that, you'd have to just build a screen that contains buttons that show the images and let them select one. Either that or create another copy of the images elsewhere outside of the CQC directory and point the media repository at that.
Thanks!. I went and reconfigured the driver so it pointed to different folder, and after stopping the CQC service, moved the backup of my repository into that location, and once I restarted the service, everything was back to normal again.