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Full Version: [Solved] Problem with trial copy of CQC
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Working on evaluation copy of CQC.
It looks like I'm not able to shut CQCAppShell neither using Task Manager nor CQC Command Prompt.

Is this shortcoming of trial version or Win7 bug?
Any special reason why you want to do that? Typically it's a bad idea to try to randomly kill dependencies because you think they are not used... Wink
I would call it curiosity. I do not have any dependencies right now yet. I've been just following video tutorial and the very first one shows the ability to invoke and subsequently end the service through Command Prompt which didn't work for me. The same negative experience was delivered after using the work horse of windows - Task Manager.
You can't do it via the task list since it's a service, not a regular process. The only reason you wouldn't be able to it via Net Stop on the command line would be perhaps becasue you didn't run the command line as an administrator, and administrative rights are required to stop a service these days. Try right clicking on it and do Run as Administrator and see if that doesn't work.
Did that work for you?
Yes, it did work. Thanks a lot for prompt response.