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Full Version: Voice Recognition
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Any chance CQC could respond to voice commands?

I would love it if my wife could yell at the TV instead of me.

Just simple commands such as pause, play, lights up/down, volume up/down would keep her happy.
There's no inherent capability for such things in CQC itself. If you have some other system that provides speech recognition and can send a specific line of text out a serial port or a socket in response to a specific command, then you could use one of the generic input drivers in CQC and just set it up to invoke actions in response to specific lines of text being spit out by the speech recognition software.
How about using Microsoft's Speech API?
dkemme Wrote:How about using Microsoft's Speech API?

You would have to create an app of you own, but yeh, any other app you would use would be built on top of that anyway most likely.
Hmmm... does there already exist a program that I would sent to a socket?

I think Dragon can send to another program but I can't imagine it would ever work. The examples I could find utilizing VR in home automation would start with an activation phrase prior to the command phrase.
Actually, it would be further complicated by the fact that the driver has to connect to it, it cannot connect to the driver. For security reasons, the drivers only connect outwards. A problem like that may assume that it should be the one connecting to the other side, but that wouldn't work.